Thursday, October 27, 2011

Splendide Washer/Dryer

For those who have a Splendide Washer/Dryer in your Motorhome, Fifth Wheel, etc. -- listen up:)  I started a load and then we decided to do a little shopping.  Not wanting to leave the machine running while we were gone, I pushed the main button to "off."  After we returned home, I once again pushed the button to resume the washer.  NOTHING...I was like, "oh no."  Couldn't open the door or nothing.  I looked up the Splendide technician number, which is located in Clackamas, OR.  It was 6:19 p.m. our time and they close at 4:30, Pacific Time.  So, I jumped on the phone and called.  The technician promptly answered, asked a few questions, told me exactly what to do -- and viola, prob fixed!!

I was so impressed -- I simply had to share that experience with other RV'ers.  So nice to have a corporation who is willing to share their expertise without charging a penny for their service.

Thank you Splendide!


  1. Yes, we are lucky to live near the Splendide service center. They do a good job with customer service. We were having trouble with our old Splendide, and finally decided to replace it with a new 2100 version, and we've been very impressed with our new Splendide. It works flawlessly, washes and dries in less time, and is quieter. It's also much easier to open and close during the cycles.

  2. We do not have one, but it is good to hear when a company stands behind its product.

  3. I like the tip of suspending operations while away for a bit. Fortunately, we have never had the misfortune of a washer accident.
    Ditto what Judy said. So what the the service person have you do?
    We have a Splendide and absolutely love it. It is super quiet and only shakes the trailer a bit when it hits high speed spin.

  4. I think folks with Splendide washers are going to be calling you for the solution if they have problems!