Friday, October 28, 2011

On The Road Again

Judy -- of Judy and Emma -- Please tell us about the bird in the header picture...we are sure you know:)

Arkansas is now in our rear-view mirror, as we left Maumelle Park Monday morning.  We drove to Texarkana where we picked up our grandson, Allen.  

Allen is riding with us to North Carolina and will fly back home.  We haven't seen Allen in a year and it's nice to have him with us.   He graduated this year and is planning to join the military -- either the Navy or Air Force.

Our first stop was Lincoln Parish Park in Ruston, Louisiana.  

Allen wants to make sure everyone knows he picked out this park.  We had no idea when we drove the three miles from I-20 what we would find -- what a pleasant surprise this park was.  And the price was perfect -- $20 for full hookups.

Before we left, I had my hair done at my favorite salon...

...with my favorite stylist, Sue.

Sue has done my hair for years and when we are out on the road, I REALLY miss her...she's the best!

I am typing this as we are driving down the road.  I will answer the question of what I was told by the Splendide tech when we stop and I can look at my machine again -- want to make sure I answer it correctly and need to look at the dial.

I am behind with my blog -- this is Friday and the information on Lincoln Parish RV Park happened last Monday.  As usual, I will be attempting to catch up -- again!


  1. The Navy and Air Force are both great services, but I recommend he check out the Coast Guard-the best service:)

  2. Definitely an American Coot. I think it's an adult, but the flash kind of washed out the red patch above it's bill. :)

  3. How nice to have your grandson along for the ride. Grands are the best!

    I know what you mean about the hair stylist. I have gone to the same gal for over 25 years...started when she first began her career. I hate going to anyone else.

  4. I would like to say out of all the idk how many parks we stayed at, MY park I found was the best!! They dont have that good of taste in parks like i do. They found parks that need lots of TLC!!