Friday, October 28, 2011

Here's the Answer

Several of you wanted to know what the Splendide tech told me.  It's a little embarrassing because it was rather simple.  

When the machine wouldn't come on, I moved the dial to the "reset" button -- still nothing happened...the light never stopped its rapid blinking to release the door.  I then turned the dial back to where it was when we turned the machine off -- "Anti-Crease."  It started but stopped again when the "Anti-Crease" was complete, but the door still would not release.  That's when I called Splendide.  The tech told me to push the "Easy Iron" button off -- it was in the "on" position.  (Somehow he knew that -- guess it's happened before.)  He explained that since I did not have the dryer portion set to dry -- time was at zero as I intended to remove some shirts I didn't want to dry in the dryer -- and the "Easy Iron" button was "on" and there was no dry setting on the machine, it  basically didn't know what to do, so it just stopped.  I pushed the "Easy Iron" button off and everything was fine.

I hope this makes sense.


  1. I'll bet you'd never be able to diagnose that problem from a manual. The Splendide Tech has probably heard this same problem a thousand times.

  2. We still go to the park's laundry to do wash. Put in the quarters and the soap, that's that!

  3. Nothing to be embarrassed about. The other day, my wife ran a load in our Splendide. When I came into the trailer, I noticed a red light flashing and a green light flashing. I quickly looked through the operators guide and did not find a solution other than press the Start button. So I did. When I told my wife, she said, "At least the sheets will be rinsed well." I apparently restarted the complete cycle. Note to self, Don't drive the Splendide until after you learn how to use it.