Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I am sooo irritated.  Before I left Little Rock, I went to the doc's office and requested my records fax'd to Duke.  Duke said they only wanted the records fax'd.  NEVER -- NEVER did the doc's office tell me they didn't fax records -- they never even returned my calls when I tried to check on this before we left.  Today I called Duke to see if they had my records -- they NEVER returned my call.  In today's mail were my records, with a note on the release form that said, "We don't fax records."  Why didn't they just call me and tell me that and ask what doc I wanted them sent to?  Now, when I have my appt at Duke next week, the docs will not have had my records to review beforehand.  

Why do medical personnel make it so difficult for patients -- one little phone call could have alleviated all the frustration I am currently feeling.


  1. Good question but one I don't have the answer to. We have found the same problem.

  2. I think they have no concept of customer service. They do not see us as customers, but rather patients, which means we have to come to them but they have no need of us or to please us.

  3. I think we can all relate and appreciate how frustrating this is. Don't know what the answer is but so sorry you have to have this irritation. ((hugs))

  4. Until the U.S.A. adopts Electronic Medical Records Systems there is probably not going to be a quick solution for this problem. Storing medical records on paper is pretty old stuff when you see what's available with today's computer technology.

    If a doctor could access, with proper authorizations, medical records of patients then billions of dollars would be saved each year.

    I believe it's one of the proposals contained in the Affordable Health Care Act that Republicans want to repeal. Go figure!

  5. Now that you have the records you can fax them to Duke. They'll have them today still way ahead of the appointment you have next week.