Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just Couldn't Resist...

Coroner's report revealed Razorback Garrett Uekman died from a previously undetected fatal heart condition.  I agree with comments that life is fragile and fleeting -- we never know from one minute to the next what we are going to face.  The unexpected death of a young athlete also puts into perspective that football is just a game.  We love football, especially college football, but it is just a game and doesn't even begin to compare to the life of the young men who live to play the game.  We will continue to remember Garrett's family, team mates and friends in our prayers.  May God bless them, comfort and strengthen them all!  

I just couldn't resist sharing this pic...LOL!!

Go Hogs...hold those Tigers!!  Garrett will be watching over his team mates, helping push Razorbacks to victory!


  1. Amen! The University of Arkansas will award Garrett an honorary diploma and his name will be on the Senior Walk. There were no dry eyes at the Candlelight Vigil last evening at the University. We agree, Garrett will watching over the Razorback team on Friday. Go Hogs!!

  2. It is good to remember that this life is short and is best enjoyed with family and friends mixed with fun.

  3. Agree with everything you said. Go hogs!!