Thursday, February 18, 2010

Still in NC

We are so blessed.  We have enjoyed being here with the kids and being a part of their every-day life.  We would like to have more sun and warm weather, but it's not as bad in our area as it has been elsewhere.  Our son Jon and family have had 20" of snow in Virginia -- more snow than he has ever seen, even when we lived in New Mexico.  Adam and family in Oklahoma have had more cold days and snow than we have.  And our friends and family in Arkansas have also had more snow than we have.  So even tho we have had our share of cold days, it could be worse and we are truly blessed. 

It seems like all we've done since January is go to doctor appointments. It started with a family doc, a visit to the dentist, to the orthoped, to the dermatologist, to the eye doc.  I had a bone density test-- the first ever.  The result indicated osteopenia, so the doc requested blood work to check my Vit D level.  It was low and  I have started taking prescribed Vit D twice a week for eight weeks.  I am thankful he prescribed a vitamin instead of another medication.  I took my first pill on a Sunday and by Tuesday afternoon I could already feel a difference in my left leg that has been hurting for two months.  I am encouraged the Vitamin D deficiency is my problem and am amazed how quickly I experienced a difference in my pain.  The eye drops Alan was prescribed are working and lowering the pressure in his eyes. 

Like everyone else, we have received more snow than normal.  It has snowed twice -- two to three inches both times.   I made snow cream for the kids -- their first ever.  The kids got the "clean" snow from Sarah's car. 


Sarah and I even made a snowman.  The sun was shining so brightly I had difficulty focusing on my subject -- thus I cut Sarah's head off -- sorry Sarah :o(

We wanted to replace our living room TV with the 40" we had in our house.  We purchased it on  "Black Friday" in 2007 and didn't want to give it away or sell it.  It traveled quite well from Arkansas stored inside the MH behind the chair.  Our friends, the Zellers, recently replaced their TVs in their MH, so we asked for advice -- of course, they responded with exactly what and how -- pictures and all.   
Alan steadily worked several days and I just pretty much stayed out of his way.

I think Alan did a great job and we are enjoying watching it and are planning to replace the TV in the bedroom with a 26" as soon as we find the one we want to purchase.

Sarah struck  a  deer on  her way to 
school  one morning.    She  is  very
defensive about the accident, stating
the  deer  actually  hit  her.  We  are
thankful  she  wasn't  hurt. You  can
see  how  close she  came to  hitting
the  bridge. God was watching over
our granddaughter and guided her to

The same day Sarah had her accident two baby goats were added to the 'Ole Matt Donald's Farm -- a girl and a boy.  The boy is on the right and is crying "Maaaaama" as the girl watches.  Isn't that just like a

An  odd  pair   have  become  buddies -- wherever  the cat goes, the
rabbit follows.  There's even a chicken that hangs out near the garage
waiting to eat  the cat's  food.   I'm  still trying to  get a picture of that

We joined the Escapees RV Club out of Texas and registered to attend the 50th anniversary in Goshen, IN in September.  There will be 60+ seminars and I plan to take one on blogging -- YEAH!!  And there's a presentation that includes gold panning, which Alan is interested in.  If you would like more info on the Escapade or Escapees Club, check it out at:  We will attend the Escapade following our trip to South Dakota where we will  obtain new drivers licenses and register to vote.  We already have SD license plates.  We can't wait to start this adventure -- our first real trip as full-time RV'ers.

We have been attending a local church for a couple of weeks.  It is the largest church we have ever attended, but it has a lot to offer the kids.  The pastor is a teacher of God's Word and the music is contemporary with a large choir and a full orchestra.  It is friendly with a spirit-filled atmosphere and a diverse congregation.  We've always had the opinion large churches were too big for us, but God is changing our minds.  Please join us in prayer as we continue to seek His guidance for our lives as well as our willingness to follow His Will for us.

I'm beginning to feel more comfortable with blogging.  I'm just a little slow at posting but hopefully I'll get  more timely as time goes by.  In the meantime, may God bless our friends and family and may God continue to bless our voyage.