Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sight-Seeing with Friends in Little Rock

Welcome Karen -- we are happy to have you as our newest follower.  Hopefully, you will find something useful, interesting or just plain funny here as we try and figure out what we're doing and where we're going!  Welcome!

With everything going on, I am still a very blessed woman.  We have so many wonderful friends and family members who continue to stop by for a visit. 

Last Friday, October 14, Jo and John -- fellow workampers from Branson -- arrived on their way home to Florida.  Jo and John, along with Takota, who is an Portuguese Water Dog, live on a boat in the Florida Keys and travel during the summer months in their RV.


I truly LOVE Takota -- Jo and John have worked very hard to train him and even tho he is still a puppy, I am really impressed with his behavior...he is sooo well-mannered!

Jo is a breast cancer survivor and an inspiration -- her cancer recently returned, but she's not letting it stop her from doing what she wants to do!

On Saturday we went to the 19th  Annual Pinnacle Mountain Rendezvous.
Jo and John

As we walked the path to the entrance, there were various signs with statements about Arkansas history:

At the Rendezvous, we stepped back in time with mountain men, American Indians and pioneers.

John bought a feather for his hat.

Next we were off to the Clinton Presidential Library

The Presidential Limo

Replica of the Oval Office

Currently, there is an exhibition entitled "The Art of the Brick," and created entirely by artist Nathan Sawaya out of LEGO bricks.  Check out some of his work:

Self portrait of Sawaya

Our Beloved Razorback

In 1999, the Clintons invited world-renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly to provide artwork for the White House Millennium celebration on New Year's Eve.  Chihuly created two identical towers of glass.  In 2004, one of the crystal trees was donated to the Clinton's Presidential Foundation and installed permanently in the Library.
Crystal Tree of Light

Recently, Clinton was in Little Rock to dedicate what was once an old railroad bridge -- and is now the latest walking-bicycle bridge --that crosses the Arkansas River and connects Little Rock and North Little Rock. 

Little Rock skyline from the bridge

Across the bridge is a new RV park

You can also see the USS Razorback

The 311-foot USS Razorback was present in Tokyo Bay at the signing of the Peace Treaty ending WW II.  

We had a great visit with Jo and John.  As fulltime RV'ers, we don't believe in saying "good-bye," so we said, "Safe travels, Jo and John -- we will see you again -- down the road."

Thanks for stopping by.  May God bless our family and friends everywhere and may God continue to bless our voyage.


  1. Some great pictures ya got there! We went to a mountain man encampment when we were at Fort Stevens earlier this year and enjoyed it very much. Those Lego sculptures are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I liked all your pictures, especially the skyline photo. Sounds likes there was lots to see and do!

  3. Looks like you had fun. Makes us want to go back to Little Rock.

  4. We really enjoy those reenactments. The Clinton library is on our list of places to visit.

  5. Great blog and wonderful pictures. I'm hoping to visit my first Presidential Library this year - won't be anywhere near Arkansas unfortunately!

  6. Great experiences! Thanks for sharing. Levonne at A Camp Host's Meanderings (Had a hard time signing in with my google account.)