Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Feel Great Fast Food"

First a big welcome to our granddaughter Sarah who has signed up to be a follower.  We love her so much and happy she is now an official follower of our blog.

I had a few things I wanted to accomplish today.  First, find a post office so I could mail a birthday card to my sister-in-law, whose birthday just happens to be Valentine's Day.  With that accomplished, the next thing was to get my hair cut -- actually just a trim.  It's not always easy to find a good hair dresser when you are not in an area long enough to establish yourself with one.  I asked the good folks at the Radiology Oncology Clinic for recommendations.  One suggested the salon near Trader Joe's, so I decided to check it out.  

I walked in and was relieved to see there were older folks like me -- both customers and stylists -- not just young folks.  Since this is an area with so many college students, I was afraid what kind of a cut I might get.  "Mary," sitting at the front desk, immediately said she would be happy to help me.  She took me to her station where she first washed my hair and then proceeded to trim it.  The cost -- $39 -- WOW.  I was told it was $150 for cut and color in this area.  We will be coloring my hair ourselves!  Even where my daughter lives 1 1/2 hours from here, a haircut averages $35-$40.  When the media says everything is going up, they are correct -- the cost of EVERYTHING is definitely on the rise.  I don't mind paying $25 for the few hairs I get cut, but $39...WHEW!

I came out of the salon and Alan pointed out a restaurant nearby that caught his eye -- it said "Feel Great Fast Food."  

Interesting -- so we decided to check it out.  "EVOS" is actually the name.  I learned that EVOS originated in 1994 in Tampa, Florida,  and can also be found in Georgia.  EVOS serves all-American food -- hamburgers, fries and shakes -- without the guilt.  OH BOY, just what we've been looking for.  We've been trying to eat healthier and haven't had a burger, fries and shake in FOREVER! 

No deep fryers -- no dirty brown grease -- it's all Airbaked!  The beef is naturally and humanely raised, hormone and antibiotic free. Airfries made with natural potatoes, homemade milkshakes made with organic milk and sugar.  Chicken and turkey are lean white meat only.  All natural fruitshakes are made with real whole fruit -- no sugary syrup here.  Salads are made with organic field greens and green leaf -- no iceberg or romaine.  EVOS stores are built with sustainable building materials and energy efficient lighting and equipment.  The plastic take out bags are biodegradable.  A pamphlet states, "We live as examples of tolerance, understanding and respect towards all."

Since it was guilt-free (hehe), we each settled on the burger, fries and -- on Saturdays, buy one shake, get one free, so of course we had to try it -- two chocolate shakes please. 

And we enjoyed every bite!

And you have a choice of flavored ketchup...

And of course organic tea...

....three distinct flavors

I also read if you do not wish to eat the hamburger bun, they will gladly put your hamburger in a bowl.  I read that AFTER I ate every bite, even the bun!

The burger, fries and shake came to 840 cal, compared to a McDonald's Big Mac, fries and shake at 1470 cal.  Not too bad, even with the bun.

With our tummies full and the weather turning colder and more windy, we headed home.

I have managed to make it thru three weeks of treatment, with three more weeks plus one day to go.  The biggest problem I've had is keeping the markings and the stickers in place.  Most places tattoo their markings -- Duke used to tattoo until a marker was found that would not be harmful to the skin.  Using the marker, they mark the spots and then place stickers over those marks, so from time-to-time, the techs have to remark my marks -- WHEW, that's a lot of marking. My body looks like a map to the Lost Dutchmen's Gold Mine and I even have an "X marks the spot."  Even though I think I'm being careful when showering or moisturizing, those markings continue to haunt me.

We've had a great day and hope you have to.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless you, one and all!


  1. Happy to hear you're tolerating the treatments so far. Great to be half finished already!
    Never heard of EVOS but would definitely try a salad if we come across one.

  2. That lunch looks great! I bet the turkey avocado wrap would be yummy too. Never heard of this place but I would definitely try it if I come across one.

    So glad you are halfway through with your treatments and still tolerating them okay. You are never far from my thoughts and prayers.

  3. The lunch looks and sounds good. Glad things are going well.

  4. I've always wondered if organic beef, without all the injections and growth hormones, would be okay for me to eat. My allergy to beef is quite a nuisance sometimes. The food looked great. Glad you are doing well and can see the end to your treatment. I'm gonna work on my blog page (looks) this afternoon. I've got a couple of posts in my head and some pics ready to go with one of them. Hopefully it will be posted in the next couple of days. Since the winter weather is coming in...maybe sooner. LOL

  5. I never heard of that restaurant before. Thanks.

  6. I looked up EVOS and found out that they haven't expanded to our part of the country. I see franchises are available, though! It sounds like an intriguing restaurant concept.

  7. Now I'm hungry!! No really, the cost for getting someone to take care of your hair is insane. Supercuts use to be the inexpensive place to go for color and cut but not anymore. You can hardly get out of there for less than $100. I hope you guys have a great week. Take care, Levonne

  8. Glad to hear your treatments are progressing and you're now halfway through - congrats on that!

    Interesting restaurant. I've never heard of it before but now that I know about it I'll check it out if I ever see one.