Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spring is in the Air, New Dining Set, Et Cetera

Welcome to "Misty", our newest follower.  Misty, I don't see a blog for you.  If you have one, please let me know and I will be happy to share it here.  Thanks for signing on and we hope you enjoy our voyage.

One morning this week we were awakened with the sounds from this guy and found him perched right outside our window...

He looks like he's looking right at us...

We hope someone out there will tell us what kind of hawk he is.  We first thought it was a red-tail, but on looking further, we aren't sure -- we really didn't get a good look at his tail.  Today we were awakened by a squirrel running on top of the motorhome.  I know the bird lady, Judy, will know.

This week we purchased a new dining set.  It is unfinished and Alan will stain it maple to match the rest of our motorhome's decor.  

We didn't like the one that originally came in the motorhome, so we sold it and bought one that was taller with two barstools.  We never used it because of the stools.  We have been looking for one that was more functional.  The chairs are really sturdy and the table has a drop-leaf on each side that can accommodate four chairs for company when fully extended.  Hopefully, the rain will go away and we will have a nice day this week to stain it.

Alan replaced the faucet in the bathroom this week...

Before (ugly)...

After (nicer)...

Today, we drove 1 1/2 hours east to visit our daughter and family, to drop off our old table and stools in their garage and to pick up some mail.  With rain in the air, we wanted to make sure we were back before dark.  Since our granddaughter Sarah was working, we stopped by to say hello...

As we were leaving, she was outside rounding up carts...

We are very proud of Sarah.  She is attending a local community college, majoring in Graphic Design and doing very well.  And she works as much as they will allow her to work.  She is really a great young lady who has a bright future.

It was nice to get away and see family, even though it was a short visit.

We've been trying to walk every day.  This week we saw signs of Spring as we walked, even though the ground hog saw his shadow -- we will take the kind of winter weather we have been experiencing any day:)

I think my treatments are going well -- 10 down and 21 to go.

Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time, God bless!


  1. Putting in a faucet in the bathroom must have been a real chore - no room to work! It sure looks nice, and so does your new table and chairs. Love the photos of your granddaughter working. Always good to see young people doing something positive with their lives.

  2. Love your new dining table and chairs...and the new faucet! Little things can make such a difference. Wow! By February 21 you'll be all done! Are you going to Tybee Island for your workamping gig?

  3. It Alan has a few minutes, I'd sure let him replace ALL the faucets in our motorhome as well as in our trailer. I no longer have the agility to get into those tight little spaces with my head, both arms, a wrench and a work light. As Donna says, no room to work. Besides, I'd probably forget to turn off the water, then I'd have to mop up!

    1. If only we were closer, Alan would be happy to replace your faucets:)

  4. I believe your morning visitor was a red-shouldered hawk!

    I like your choice for the new dining table.

    1. You know Judy, after looking at pics of hawks, that's what I thot -- red-shouldered hawk! Thank you! I need to learn these things...he sure was loud I know that!!

  5. Like your new dining set and the faucet. You are keeping Alan busy!
    10 treatments done already. You will be finished before you know it.

  6. Ten down! Do you get the feeling like going in for treament is a normal part of you day? When I was going I felt like it was a positive act. Doing something to destroy any lurking cancer! I think of you often. Had a little scare myself, but it seems it is only a little cyst.

  7. So glad your treatments are going well. And what a coincidence!! Our daughter graduated from Clemson with a degree in Graphics Communications. Small world..... And your new faucet looks great!

  8. Thanks for welcoming me into the blog world Marilyn. As you can see I am a beginner and my blog is not really up to snuff technically. Love your site and all the great pictures! I need some pointers! Love you and so glad you are doing well on the treatments.