Thursday, January 5, 2012

Catching Up

We want to welcome our new followers:  Sherry and Charlie -- you can find their blog here.  Sherry is currently at Duke preparing for a a very serious medical procedure.  I know my fellow bloggers  will want to add her to your prayer list and wish her well.  Also, we have a couple of fellow Arkansans here.  They are working on their future retirement plans, which includes fulltime RV'ing.  Speaking of the fulltiming lifestyle, ours has certainly not been very exciting lately, but we hope you will check back from time to time and hopefully, eventually, you will find something interesting or informative along the way.  We are blessed to be able to live this lifestyle.  

I took a few pictures over Christmas, but they did not turn out very well.  I'm sure it's the operator of the camera and not the camera itself!  But, we did have a nice Christmas and a quiet New Year's.  We played a couple of games with the kids -- Logos, which is a trivia game about companies' logos.  We also played Charades. We laughed sooo hard as we attempted to act out songs, movies, TV shows or a book title without saying a word.  It was so much fun.  

Tomorrow we pull out of our daughter's driveway and head to the fairgrounds in Raleigh.  On Saturday, the kids will join us for Winter Jam -- a Christian concert with 10 bands, $10 at the door, which was part of the grandsons' Christmas:

Dalton (13) and Jordan (15)

Granddaughter Sarah loves making cupcakes, so she got a cupcake maker:

We're so proud of Sarah -- she works hard at a local grocery store and also goes to college, where she is majoring in Graphic Design.  

On Monday I will meet the Radiologist at Duke to discuss my radiation and will undoubtedly be marked to start radiation shortly thereafter.  Not sure for how long -- previously I was told I was a perfect candidate for more rad each session for four weeks, but I think I'd rather have less rad each session for a longer period of time.  That's one of the things we will be discussing on Monday.  And on the 13th, we will move to Spring Hill RV Park in Chapel Hill.  The folks at Spring Hill have been awesome trying hard to accommodate us and find us a spot in their park.  

We spent most of the week preparing for the move.  Alan has changed the oil in the MH and the car.  He also removed the coach batteries, cleaned and repainted the tray that holds them and of course put them back in.  He also has had two doc appointments this week.    He is healthy and ready to take care of me for the next few weeks!  

We heard on the News today that everything will cost more in 2012 -- from food to gas, that it's possible gas prices could reach $5.00 by the Summer.  If so, will that change your travel plans?  

Thanks for stopping by.  As we begin 2012 and our third year as fulltimers, we pray God will continue to bless our voyage, as well as our family and friends everywhere!  


  1. Guess you must have gotten a better deal at Spring Hill? Hope all goes well with the radiation.

  2. Don't ever worry about gas prices. Live your life. Travel when and where you want. Gas prices are not a huge factor in your costs when you figure it all out. Travel 200 miles @ 8 miles per gallon. That's 25 gallons. If the price goes up even by a dollar, it costs you $25 more to travel those miles, which you probably only do once in two weeks, which comes to $12,50 per week. That's less than $2 per day. Stop at Passport America parks and save a lot more than that! Besides, the f=doom and gloomers are always moaning over possibilities that never occur! Jump into life, splash around and have fun.

  3. Good luck with the move and the radiation! I did 6 weeks a few years ago and the one thing I learned was to never use a bandaid....the doctor did not tell me not to, so I did when I became very sensitive, and wow what a mistake. Don't use a bandaid!

  4. Best wishes for your radiation treatment!

    Price increases for gas and diesel won't affect our travel plans much. We just expect those things to increase but we can't just sit around at home worrying about it.