Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mel's Hard Luck Diner

One of the things about being in Branson is all the great places to eat.  Today we visited Mel's Hard Luck Diner where the servers sing to you.

This 1950's era diner is home to talented singers, songwriters and musicians.  

These are award-winning entertainers, two of whom have appeared on American Idol.

Alan received his own personal serenade from our waitress, Ondria...

Alan had a chili burger and fries.
Can you say heartburn?

As for me, I just had a hamburger and we shared a chocolate malt.  We will NOT be having anything else to eat tonight -- that was both lunch and dinner!

We are learning our jobs -- I'm in the office answering the telephones and making reservations -- Alan is escorting RV'ers to their sites.  The weather has definitely jumped into summer -- in the 90s and 50% humidity and it's barely into June.

Thanks for stopping by -- stay tuned to see what else we see and do in the Branson area.  In the meantime, may God continue to bless our voyage and our family and friends everywhere. 


  1. Mel's Hard Luck Diner sounds like a fun place to eat, especially if you don't mind being part of the show. Stay cool and dry.

  2. Many times we run into great restaurants with great food. We stuff at lunch and call it Linner.

    Love the life! There are so many unique restaurants to experience. We want to eat at all of them!

  3. Not sure how much Alan liked that personal serenade by the look on his face! Looks like a fun place, though. Did you go to the gym after lunch??

  4. I always like stopping at these types of old fashioned diners. For some reasons, the hamburgers always taste better. Interesting about the singing too.

  5. Looks like a fun place to eat. If the food is good, at a decent price, I would probably go back. Stay cool.