Monday, May 16, 2011

Almost There

Don't feel bad about the tree trivia in my last post -- I didn't do so hot either.  I certainly don't know my trees or my history.    

We made it to St Louis today and to a Winnebago Dealer who is also a Route 66 repair facility.  After speaking with the service manager, he advised us to go on to Branson and seek repairs there, stating it may be more of a problem than we think -- Alan's thinking is it's just the hose, but it could be the hydraulic pump.  Anyway, the service manager stated if parts are needed, it could take two weeks or so to get those parts.  Since we will be sitting in Branson through the summer, it made sense for us to keep going and have the repairs done there. Tonight we are in a little park 170 miles East of Branson -- we should be there tomorrow afternoon.  We're thankful we can maneuver around the motorhome without extending the slides and putting the leveling jacks down -- however, we are a little cramped and want our home back to normal as soon as possible!

Not much else going on...we are ready to get to Branson and start to work! 

Until next time, be safe and God bless!


  1. You're almost there, and we hope you get to use those slides again soon! Safe travels to Branson and good luck with the repairs!

  2. Closeness is good, a little room to move freely is better!

  3. Hope you get someone to look at the hydraulics soon and get that problem fixed up. Hopefully, it's only a leaking hose.

  4. Coincidentally, we had both a hydraulic jacks & slide problem this past winter as well. Like you, we are able to move around freely with the slides in if we have to. Your slide & jack problem may be related if the slide is hydraulicly powered. You had a dead battery in your car.....we now have a dead battery in our Motor Home. Hope you get things fixed up OK.