Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I hope this is the last post on this subject.

Got up this morning and checked our credit card account.  There was a charge for $731.42 "posted" to our account from Raben Tire.  I was like, geezzz, what now??  I also had the receipt from FMCA for $453.59 I was like what the heck, did we pay for this one tire twice??
So I'm sure you know what I did.  I called Brad with Raben Tire.  He told me he told the comptroller to "release" the $900 allocation charge and the comptroller misunderstood and charged our account the $731.42 for the tire.  He said they immediately caught the error and placed a credit to the account for the $731.42.  I called the bank that holds the credit card -- they couldn't "see" the credit but said it might take a day or so to show up.  Believe me when I say I am keeping a close watch on this situation.  One thing for sure -- we do NOT want to pay twice for one tire!
This has been an experience we won't forget anytime soon. 
As reported on a previous post, our toilet broke while we were traveling.  When we were in Fletcher, North Carolina, at Snider Tire yesterday, we stopped at Camping World in Hendersonville and bought a new one.  So, Alan installed it this morning.
After removing the old toilet, he scrubbed the walls and the floor.
And prepared the new one for installation.
It didn't take long (thank goodness) to install and was ready to use.
The weather has been nice since we arrived.  It rained last night and it has been cool today -- feels like Fall is in the air.  It's 64 as I write this with low humidity.  We wish it would stay like this!
Thanks for stopping by -- God bless you -- and that means YOU!!


  1. It only takes a moment for everything to screw up but takes days for it to be all straightened out. Kind of like the difference in paying your taxes and getting a refund. Refunds takes forever. Jim had to install our new toilet and you're right, it didn't take too long. Thank goodness. Now hopefully you're done with that kind of stuff.

  2. Boy that tire problem has been a big one!! Hope it is totally resolved for you soon. Now that you've got the new toilet in, hopefully everything will go more smoothly for you.

  3. You are in line for a blessing after that ordeal.

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