Saturday, May 14, 2011

How Well Do You Know Your Trees

How about a little tree trivia?  1) Do you know what tree is shown on the new Vermont quarter?  2) How about the largest tree species by volume?  3) What about the tree associated with Lebanon?  4) Do you know what tree is known for its knobby knees?  5) This tree is to the South what the lilac is to the North -- what is it?  6) What is the tree Robert Frost talks about in his poem? 7) In England this tree is called a sycamore?  8) Mississippi's state tree is what? 9) What was President Andrew Jackson's nickname?  And 10) Texas state tree is what?  To give you time to think, I'll post the answers at the bottom of this post.
Today has been a laid-back, relaxing kind of day.  We didn't do anything in particular...we did find Wal-Mart.  We visited the Route 66 dealership -- Basden's American RV Center.  We knew none of the service folks would be there, but Alan wanted to talk to the Parts person.  He informed us they could not order parts directly from Winnebago since they are not a Winnebago dealer.  Because it's very possible we may need a particular part, we have now decided to push on tomorrow towards St Louis where there is a Route 66 Winnebago dealer, as well as one on the way in Zeigler, Illinois.  We wish they had told us that when we spoke with them Friday morning, but now we know. 
Today we walked around the campground and took a few pics.  As I stated in yesterday's post, they are upgrading the utilities, thus the holes and piles of dirt.

We are in Site 28.

 The lovely view of the bathhouse out our windshield.

Behind the campground is the 4-H's a lot like a fairground where they have various activities.  Today they were having a demolition derby as a fund raiser for a local children's hospital.

Preparing the dirt for the demolition derby

Cars coming in

The derby wasn't scheduled to begin for another two hours, so we didn't hang around for it.
More baby ducks

We thought the markings of this duck were interesting with the blue patch on the wing.

Answers to the tree trivia:  1) Maple; 2) Sequoia; 3) Cedar; 4) Bald Cypress; 5) Crepe Myrtle; 6) Birch; 7) Maple (again); 8) Magnolia; 9) Hickory; and 10) Pecan. These came from a tree trivia I participated in as part of Arbor Day.  It made me realize that not only do I need to study up on trees, but history as well!

Not a very exciting day, but it was nice to just sit since we have been on the road since Monday.

Hope everyone has a great careful in your travels and remember to make the most of each day as we never know what tomorrow may bring.  God bless!


  1. Thanks for the tree lesson. Those sites really look close! What a drag about the repair shop. Hope you have better luck on the way to St. Louis.

  2. I failed the tree test miserably. Good luck with your Winnebago parts.

  3. We got four trees correctly named. Is that good or bad? Rick can't be faulted, as your questions were largely related to US states and a president.

    While we are great fans of Winnebago Industries and products, we don't like their policy of selling their products only to Winnebago dealers. Also, we have found that they ship parts when they are good and ready, not necessarily when you need them and the dealer orders them,

  4. Sounded like a pretty full day to me. Love the header picture and the pictures of the ducks.

  5. I guess I don't know a thing about trees.Good luck on the parts.