Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where Are We Now?

It was about an hour's drive from Linwood, North Carolina, to the Camping World in Statesville.  And boy were they busy...the  parking lot was full.

We were the first on their list after lunch, so they took the MH right in around 1:15.  While we waited, we did a little shopping -- nothing big, just a new water filter and a couple of other small items.  By 3:00, we were back on the road.  We only drove 120 miles when we decided to stop for the night.  We don't usually stop at KOAs because, to us, $36.90 (with a 10% KOA discount) is a little steep for a full hookup, including cable and WiFi, especially since we only paid $17 the night before for the same amenities.  However, thunderstorms were predicted and we knew we didn't want to cross the Smokey Mountains in the rain.  We do like the fact most KOAs are not far off the Interstate, usually with easy access off and on, so we stopped at the Asheville East KOA.

This is an older KOA, but they have made adjustments so it can accommodate most any size RV.  We were escorted to site B-14.

All those campers you see behind us is in storage.  Our escort told us most of them belonged to people who come to this particular KOA in the summer...they just call ahead and the workers tow their camper to a site.  Isn't that nice?
 In Storage

We took a walk where we saw what we guessed were summer homes.

We have never seen summer homes in a KOA, but this is Asheville, North Carolina, in the heart of the Smoky Mountains.

From the looks of it, this KOA is prepared for anything.
 Someone even has a garden...we think these are tomato plants.

There were a couple of double-wides surrounded with beautiful flowers.

Building new picnic tables
Picturesque stream runs through the campground.

Typical KOA Kabins
Not sure what this guy is saying to us, but it probably has something to do with invading his territory.

Don't know if you can see these, but they are fish nests...at least that's what hubby says.

Beautiful Weeping Willow

We walked around the pond...you can fish here without a license.

These guys made lots of noise!
  Paddle boats

Mama and her 12 babies...12 baby ducklings
Even miniature golf

By the time we finished our walk, we were glad we stopped at this KOA.  We loved seeing all the wildlife.  So, we learned we shouldn't judge a book by its cover -- open it up and come on in...we may be surprised what we find.  As much time as we have spent in North Carolina, there's still a lot we haven't seen...I couldn't help but ask, why are we leaving this state before seeing it all?  When we return, we need to take time AND really see the state -- the entire state...from the mountains to the valleys to the beaches, there's a lot to see here.

Until next time, please take time to smell the roses...we just do not know what tomorrow will bring.

Tonight I'm thinking about the many folks affected by the flooding in the Memphis area, on down into the State of Mississippi.  The area of Tunic, Mississippi, is under water.  This is a very poor area with little industry -- crops have been lost and the casinos are all under water.  Please join us in praying for those who have recently lost everything in the floods, as well as the tornadoes.  We will be watching to see what the Mighty Mississippi does next...we will also be praying for the folks in Louisiana as the flood waters move that direction.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by and may God bless you, one and all!


  1. That KOA, like most KOAs, may be a bit steeply priced, but it sounds like you made the most of your one-night visit.

  2. Like the pictures! I am with you -- most KOA's are are the high end of what we want to pay. We have found good prices on FamCamp and Travel Campgrounds (military). But we also like to take advantage of Passport America campgrounds too!

  3. North Carolina is a really great state! South western Virginia is great too! Maybe someday we can meet along the road.....