Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Relaxing 4th of July

We had a great 4th of July.  We worked Saturday and Sunday this week and watched the RVs roll in for the 4th of July holiday.  Last night we were all set up near the lake waiting for the fireworks to begin when a storm blew in and knocked out the power in the park.

Checking on things in the office -- thank goodness for flashlights!

We were without power for approximately three hours.  We needed to check out our generator anyway, so this was a good time to do that.  The rain did cool things down a bit.

Today all the workampers got together for a 4th of July cookout:

We were entertained by Deborah who played the guitar and...
...John and Deborah who also played the dulcimer.

The neighbors even brought over their leftover homemade banana ice cream -- YUM!

Afterwards, we moved to the lake to watch fireworks.

I want to say welcome to our newest follower -- "The Old Geezer Blog."  To check out his blog, click here.  I'm sure you will enjoy reading his wonderful posts, as well as the great information he shares on his blog.

I want to thank everyone who is praying for Gina and Jo.  Gina is home and will continue her antibiotic for 5-6 weeks.  Then, she will return to Chicago to have her Hickman line put back in and to make sure the infection is no longer attacking her body.  Jo will see the doctor again this Wednesday, but she is feeling better and we are praying the doctor will find her infection is gone and that no more surgery will be required.  Again, thank you for praying for these ladies.  Your prayers are working!

We hung a hummingbird feeder outside our window and were happy when we saw our first visitor!

Thanks for stopping by -- hopefully, I am now back in the swing of posting on our blog.  I haven't been posting as often as I would like -- it's not because I have nothing to say.  We have been busy settling into our first workamping job and I'm proud to say it has been a very positive experience thus far.  We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to live the lifestyle of fulltime RV'ers. 

Again, thanks for stopping in.  May God bless you, one and all, and may God continue to bless our voyage.


  1. And a Happy 4th o ou too. Glad you are enjoying the life.

  2. It sounds like you had a great celebration of Independence Day!

  3. Nothing like a picnic with friends followed by a fireworks show. A great way to spend the holiday!

  4. Glad you're having a good time. We welcome the thunderstorms now. At least it makes the temperatures a bit more bearable.
    Look forward to seeing more posts from you!

  5. Love the hummers. I have some here too. Your pictures of the fireworks are great. Stay safe and thanks for praying for my family and friend.