Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shoji Tabuchi

There's something for everyone in Branson -- from shows to Silver Dollar City to water slides to go-carts -- you name it, Branson has it.

One of the most popular shows is Shoji Tabuchi.

Would you expect to see a Japanese country music fiddler?  Well, that's what you will find in Tabuchi, who is also a singer.  He has been a part of Branson for over 22 years.

Shoji Tabuchi was born in 1944 in Daishoji, Japan.  At the young age of 7, his mother encouraged him to learn to play the violin.  Tabuchi has always loved American country music and promised that one day he would make it to America.  

When country legend Roy Acuff took his show to Japan, Tabuchi attended his concert and afterwards met Acuff.  Acuff told Tabuchi if he ever made it to Nashville to look him up.  Tabuchi eventually traveled to America with his violin and only $500 in his pocket.  After spending some time in San Francisco, Kansas City and Louisiana for 11 years, he finally made his way to Nashville to meet Acuff.  Acuff arranged an appearance for Tabuchi on the Grand Ole Opry radio variety program.

Tabuchi arrived in Branson in the late 80s and after successfully performing for a few years, he took a gamble and built one of the most elaborate theaters in the area.  Although Tabuchi has never produced a recording on any major label, he ranks among the most popular musicians in the United States and has created a multi-million dollar entertainment empire.  He employs nearly 200 people at his elaborate 2000 seat theater where he performs two shows daily.

His theater is known for its elegant restrooms.  The men's room has ice in the urinals...

...and a billiard table as well.

The entrance to the ladies' room greets you with beautiful fresh flowers...

...along with a fireplace...

...and a sweet lady stands ready to give you a squirt of hand lotion after you wash your hands.

Shoji Tabuchi is the biggest production and the most extravagant show we've seen thus far. 

Would we go again?  Probably not -- only because it is also the most expensive show in town -- $64.49 if purchased by telephone, or $59.49 if purchased via the Internet.  And we understand his Christmas show costs even more.

Shoji Tabuchi is definitely living the American Dream. 

May God continue to bless you, one and all!


  1. Hmmm? That is pretty expensive to see a fiddler alright. I've never heard of this guy but he appears to have done pretty well for himself. I don't think I'd care to be the lady who has to spend her 8 hours in the washroom even though it does look better than most hotel lobbies.

  2. Wow! Quite a story and looks like an entertaining show. Love the restrooms!

  3. What an exciting story he has. Thanks for sharing this with us. Way too expensive for these Frugal Travelers, but very interesting none-the-less. Stay safe.

  4. How interesting! Once again, the American dream becomes a reality. Thanks for sharing.