Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Tax Man Is Coming

After spending most of yesterday trapped in a web of tangled paperwork, working on our taxes, we are thankful our fulltime lifestyle has simplified most every aspect of our life -- including our income level and our tax liability.  No longer do we sing, "Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho, it's off to work we go."  We can now choose to work, where to work, how much to work --  or not to work at all:)  It's not that we have a ton of money -- because we definitely do not, but we have what we's all about priorities and need versus want.  It doesn't matter how much, or how little income one has, Uncle Sam wants, expects, takes, and will get his share.

Thanks for all the positive comments and encouragement on our volunteer opportunity.  Reading blogs has become a favorite past-time and makes us want to do what others are doing, as well as see all the places everyone shares on their blogs. And we always learn something new.  Thank you for your posts and your willingness to share your lives and great adventures with us.  And just maybe we'll see you one day "down the road."

Hope everyone has a great's gray, cold and in the 40s in North Carolina -- this time last week it was 75 degrees.  What is wrong with this picture?

God bless.


  1. We did the first pass today. We will be writing a very large check to Uncle Sam this year. Last year we got a big refund so we paid less in our estimated taxes each quarter. This year the reverse is true! But I've been saving just in case.

  2. TAXES: If we send it, they will spend it!! But, I guess we have no choice in the matter. Wish the gov't would learn to live within its means just like we all have to. Okay, gotta quit before this becomes a full-blown rant LOL!

    March is sure a fickle month isn't it?

    OKAY GOD, I'm sorry. I went to post this comment and guess what the word verification was? BLESS! I am indeed very blessed and glad that I have an income to pay taxes on. Had to edit and add this note! Just can't get away with anything :))

  3. You know what they say about death and taxes. Better add changeable March weather to that, too!