Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cody, Granite Pass and Buffalo, Wyoming

We left quite a bit to see and do in Cody -- our excuse for returning.  We were still tired when we left Wapiti, Wyoming, on Sunday morning, August 15.  We do not like traveling on Sunday -- it's almost like it's sacra-religious -- and we try not to, but sometimes, it can't be helped.  

As we left Cody, Wyoming, we stopped at Old Trail Town.

Old Trail Town helps keep the Old West alive.  The collection of historic buildings and western artifacts is located where Buffalo Bill Cody and his associates surveyed for the first town site of "Cody City" in 1895.  Most of the log structures were moved to Cody from less than 150 miles away.   

Jeremiah Johnston, made famous by Robert Redford in the movie,"Jeremiah Johnson," is buried  in Old Trail Town.  His body was moved from California to Old Trail Town in 1974and Redford attended the reburial ceremony.  Jeremiah Johnson is one of Alan's all-time favorite movies...when you can repeat most of the movie's lines, you've watched it way too man

And Buffalo Bill Code is also buried here.

Soon we are on our way again.  While driving through Graybull, Wyoming, we unexpectedly came across an mini aircraft "bone yard."  A bone yard is where decommissioned aircraft wind up.  The main bone yard for military aircraft is at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona.  There was construction in the area, so Alan couldn't pull over, and I couldn't get my camera and get to the window fast enough, but I did manage to snap a couple of pictures.

As we travel, Alan is the one who plans the path we will drive.  For some reason, he chose  to cross Granite Pass -- from Graybull to Sheridan, Wyoming.  Granite Pass rises 9033 over the northern Bighorn Mountains.  It was another beautiful drive for us.

As we topped the pass, the road became more crooked and steep.  And Alan couldn't pull over for me to get some of the really good snapshots, so I did the best I could out the window.

And here the only wildlife on the road were black

Coming down, we saw Sheridan, Wyoming, in the distance.

A few miles east of Sheridan is Buffalo, Wyoming, is where we stopped at the Deer Park Campground.

Deer Park CG was a KOA 32 years ago the owner told us.

I selected this park because of the good reviews it had on and we were glad I did.  It's a Good Sam park and the owner and workers were super.  The workkampers for the summer was a fulltime couple who sold their farm in Massachusetts and set out to see the world.  Because of grandchildren, they spend their winters in California.  We enjoyed visiting with them.  They also have an ice-cream social every night -- bring your own bowl and a $1.00 and get a big bowl of ice cream.

The park is true to its name...deer were everywhere.

We also had other visitors in the CG.

There was also a trail -- a walking path we enjoyed.

Our spot at Deer Park CG.

We spent two nights at Deer Park before we moved on to Sundance and Devil's Tower. 

'Til next time, may God bless our voyage and our family and friends everywhere. 

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