Friday, June 4, 2010

Tribute To Our Lucy

Today, June 4, 2010, we had Lucy put to sleep.  She had been suffering for several months from what the vet told us could possibly be a brain tumor.  She had been treated for an ear infection and was experiencing seizures.  With antibiotics, including Valium, the seizures ceased, but Lucy just kept getting worse and was experiencing balance problems.  She ran sideways when she was able to run at all.  Then she began falling -- her left side seemed weak and she would just fall, but her tail never quit wagging.  Lucy was so sweet -- everyone who met Lucy loved her. When we first arrived in NC, she would run alongside the fence that contained the kids' dog and she would rush at the baby goats and bark at them...we will always remember the good days.

Our grandson, Allen, was the one who found Lucy.  She was part of a group of dogs  and cats with the Beebe Humane Society on display for adoption at Wal-Mart in Cabot, AR.  Allen said, "I found the perfect dog for you, Nana" and begged us to adopt her, so we did and she became a wonderful addition to our family.  When we were still in Arkansas, we would board her when we went to Razorback games in Fayetteville.  She always carried her squeaky toy in her mouth and she would carry her leash in her mouth when we were traveling and stopped as if to say "don't forget me...I want to go too."  She was an integral part of of our lives and will be missed. 
Following are some of our favorite pics of Lucy:

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