Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hangin' Out

We are tickled to have four new followers.  First, "Encourage One Another."  Be sure and check out this site here for a special treat.  Second is Jeff and Sherry Bright.  Jeff and Sherry, I did not see a blog for you.  If you have one, please let me know and I will check it out.  Third is Sue and Doug -- you can check out their blog here. They have a great blog with wonderful pics and thoughts...check it out.  And last but not least is Page.  Page, please let me know if you have a blog -- I would love to check it out!  Thanks to you all for following us!

Our daughter Alissa and family came yesterday.  The boys all went to the Dixie Deer Classic at the fairgrounds -- such a red-neck event -- just kidding, guys...LOL!

Since we absolutely had no desire to attend such a thing, Alissa and I went shopping and had a nice lunch at Panera Bread.

Last night we watched UNC whip Duke 88-70.  

Tomorrow is my LAST rad treatment -- Hip-hip-hooray!!  I will miss seeing the good people at Duke every day, but I will NOT miss having to go and be radiated.  Can't wait to get on with living!

I've had several ask where we will be going next.  We are going to stay put for the remainder of March.  I have an appointment with the medical oncologist on the 21st to discuss estrogen-blocker drugs, which I am told I will need to take for five years.  I have learned a lot through this ordeal and have seen and met a lot of wonderful people.  My particular breast cancer is driven by estrogen by 97%.  I thought once you stop producing estrogen, that was it, but I have since learned that estrogen is produced and stored in fat cells...YIKES!!  So, we will be starting a low-carb, low-sugar diet this week.  We both absolutely have to lose weight, but we do love to eat and sugar is in EVERYTHING, so it will not be easy.  Hopefully, we are motivated enough to be successful!  

In mid-May, we will head out to Cherokee, North Carolina, to workamp at "Yogi in the Smokies."  If you are anywhere near, we would love to see you.  We will be there through Labor Day.  Following that, we plan on workamping at Pecosin Wildlife Refuge near Columbia, North Carolina, and will be there until sometime in December.  In between those two assignments, I will have follow-up appointments at Duke.  In January 2013, we hope we will finally travel to Florida for a couple of months.  We have been trying to get to Florida since we started fulltiming at the end of 2009.  

One day last week as we were driving to Duke, we saw this bumper sticker...

As you will see, Napoleon is credited with this particular quote.  I read that Napoleon had a strong belief in God, but that he voiced many criticisms of organized religion.  Whatever his beliefs, I don't think this is anything I would want plastered on my car!  

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!  The weather is changing again -- hopefully, we will not get the snow the weatherman says we "may" get.  Even if we do, it won't last long with a high in the 50s tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by -- may God continue to bless our voyage, as well as our family, friends, followers and fellow-bloggers.


  1. I have faith you can stick to a new way of eating, just don't call it a diet but a lifetime change. Best of luck!

  2. congrats on finishing your rad-treatment! back to regular programming!..and thanks for the shout out!!

  3. Good luck with your LAST DAY of radiation! Enjoy your new-found freedom!

  4. You will be able to walk out the door and cry "I'M FREE!!! I'M FREE!"
    so happy for you.

  5. HIP HIP HOORAY - so glad tomorrow is your last day. You did it!! Looks like you have a lot of travel in your future.

    Here is the blog for the Brights. We met them when they were camp hosting in Oregon last year. Fun folks.

  6. Today is a celebration day for you. Last Rad Day. YEA!. Your writing shows you have a great spirit.

  7. Glad things are getting better for you. Last day good luck.

  8. Certainly agree about not wanting that bumper sticker. But then again, we don't want ANY bumper stickers on our car. Yay for getting past radiation! We've never had to be subjected to that, but definitely understand the joy of getting off it! By the way, Suzy has now lost 47 pounds since shortly before her surgery. Jerry, being on his own for cooking, etc., isn't losing a pound.

  9. Congratulations are certainly in order for you!

    I'll be at Alligator River NWR August through October, so maybe our paths will finally cross. :)

  10. Hi Alan and Marilyn, My nephew Marcus just graduated from basic training in the Air Force. I am so proud of him. I think this is going to be a great experience for him. Thank both of you for your service.

    1. I just read your comment, Levonne -- congratulations to Marcus. Our grandson wants to join -- with all the projected cuts, we pray he gets to fulfill that dream. Good luck to Marcus -- you'll have to keep us informed about where he is and what he is doing! God bless!