Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thankful News

We haven't done anything exciting -- it's been way too cold to do much.  We had planned to go to Florida for January and February, but, as I mentioned in my last post, we had some medical issues we needed to address.  

Alan had a biopsy and we prayed all week about the results.  Friday we learned there is NO CANCER and we are thankful and praising God for this good news.  We also want to thank all our family and friends who have lifted this situation up to the Lord on our behalf.  This is just one more check mark on our "to-do" medical list.  To quote a good friend, "God is good all the time" and we are thankful and know we are truly blessed.

I had a dental appointment last week.  Before we left on our first fulltimer trip last June, I had a tooth filled.  Almost immediately a bump came up on the gum over the same tooth, so back to the dentist I went.  X-rays were taken and the dentist did not think it was an abscess but gave me a prescription for an antibiotic and pain medication in case we got on the road and it flared up.  We made it through our trip with no additional problems with the tooth, but the knot never went away and was very sensitive to touch. When we returned to North Carolina in October, we changed  dentists for various reasons.  Our new dentist -- Dr. Weeks -- thought indeed it was an abscess and immediately started me on an antibiotic. Again, there was no change to the knot.  I made a consultation appointment and Dr. Weeks said I would need a root canal.  It was scheduled for Thursday of last week.  For some reason, I despise having my teeth worked on -- maybe it's because as a young teenager, I was subjected to braces and tons of dental appointments.  My poor daughter is the same way but worse.  She went to the dentist, got out of her car and left it running the entire time she was in the dentist office.  It's amazing no one stole the  I literally grip the chair arms in anticipation of the pain I know is coming.  Anyway, Dr Weeks told me it would take several appointments to get the root canal completed.  He cleaned out the root area of the tooth and packed it with medication.  I have to admit I felt nothing but some pressure and I was very impressed with Dr. Weeks.  He even called Thursday night to see how I was doing.  I am continuing to take the antibiotic and have noticed a significant difference in the knot.  I am scheduled for a temporary filling in three weeks.  One more check mark on our medical agenda...almost anyway.  

After Alan's doctor visit on Friday, we went to Lifeway Bookstore.  I'm always looking for a good Christian book to read or a CD from one of the many Christian groups we like.  We found several $5 bargains.  As we were checking out, the cashier noticed our phone number wasn't local...we have maintained  an Arkansas phone number.  So, we told him we were fulltime RV'ers.  He thought that was pretty neat and asked if we had a blog...we gave him one of our cards and he said he would follow us on our blog.  It's always exciting for us to share one of our cards with someone we meet.

Our nephew, Patrick, stopped by on his way back to school after the holidays.  He is a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Greenville.

 Granddaughter Sarah measures Patrick, who is 6' 4" (I think).

I also mentioned in my last blog that my brother, Jerry, would be leaving on a mission trip to India on January 22.  I have received several updates thus far regarding this mission.  The team saw 31 patients the first day -- one with tuberculosis and several with stomach ailments, which I understand is pretty common in that area.  The second day they saw 50+ patients.  They will be moving to another village next week where some have never seen a doctor because they do not have the money to do so.  Please continue to pray for him and the team, who are ministering not only to their medical issues but also to their spiritual needs.  May God bless them and keep them safe. 

Not much else going on with us.  Today was a beautiful, almost springlike, day -- except for the wind.  We are ready for Spring and to check off the rest of our medical appointments, so we can begin our 2011 travel plans.
May God bless our voyage and may God bless our family and friends, wherever they may be.


  1. Thanks for finding my blog. I hope you find something of interest in our journey. :)

  2. Hello, Alan and Marilyn. I found your blog throgh Pidge's blog, The Frugal Travelers. I especially like the Christian content of your blog. I enjoy meeting new Christian friends, in person and online. We are part-time RVers from Vancouver, Washington (near Portland, OR) and are currently spending a few weeks in Pismo Beach, CA.


  3. Hi Alan and Marilyn. I found your blog through Carol K's blog...isn't that funny? I also enjoy meeting new friends and fellow travelers on this journey called life. We are soon to be part-timers and God only knows (literally) where we will end up from there. We are currently in Eugene, OR waiting for the call that tells us our motor home is ready for pick-up. Loved some of your older posts and I really want to visit the RV museum.

  4. So happy you all have found our blog -- you have made my day:)

    God bless

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! I see you also like "The Shack" - great book. I am hoping to be able to report next week the same thankful news that Alan just received. God is good...

  6. Enjoy your blog. Thanks so much for sharing.