Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Little Bit of This...A Little Bit of That

We've had another nice -- but windy -- Carolina day.  We had a dusting of snow earlier in the week, but it was gone by noon -- thank goodness.  
It's pretty when it's falling, but can be a mess if it sticks around very long.  Arkansas and Oklahoma has been slammed this year with snow and ice, as have many others.  Our Oklahoma grandkids have missed nine days of school and some in Arkansas have missed as many as five days.  Global warming -- so they say.

There was also an addition to the mini-farm this week -- two baby goats.

 They are so cute when they are little.

From the looks of it, there may be more in the next couple of weeks.

"Don't fence me in" -- that apparently is Henryetta's theme song.  Every morning you can find her outside the fenced area.  She's even been known to sneak in the garage for a helping of cat food.

"Hey guys, how do I get back over there with you?"
And there's always someone looking for a ride.
One more item was checked off our medical list this week.  After wearing a heart monitor for three weeks, I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.  I also have a leaky Tricuspid valve, which the doc said "most" people have leaky valves.  I was started on meds for afib and the leaky valve will be carefully watched.  This week I will continue with the root canal that was started a couple of weeks ago. I still have a knot above the tooth, but it is smaller and I have had no pain -- praise the Lord!  

My brother made it home safely from his mission trip to India.  Together the medical team saw approximately 325 patients with various aliments.  Thanks to everyone who prayed for him -- he is looking forward to another mission trip in the future.  Please pray for the people of India...they are predominantly Hindu and there are so many who have never heard the Gospel.  
Until next time, may God continue to bless our voyage and may God bless our family and friends, near and far.


  1. Great pictures of the animals. The goats are so cute. We kept goats for a few years when our kids were small as our daughter was allergic to cows milk.

    So sorry to hear of your medical problems. That's a long time to wear a heart monitor. I hope the medication helps the afib, and do make sure they keep a close eye on that valve. Heart problems are nothing to mess with.

    Glad you get to finish up on the tooth process. I will be praying for you. Take care.

  2. Health problems are no fun at all. Getting a diagnosis is important--now you know what you will be dealing with. Your mini-farm looks like a busy place!

  3. I really like your header picture. The little goats, kids I think, are very cute. Glad your brother is home safe and sound. Stay warm.

  4. How precious are those little additions! Noticed you said a Carolina day where abouts are you guys.........we are in Concord just outside Charlotte.